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Here some app­ren­ti­ces and stu­dents re­port about their dai­ly ex­pe­ri­en­ces at other lo­ca­ti­ons, be­cau­se our main lo­ca­ti­on for our Vo­ca­tio­nal Training Team is in Weikersheim.

Se­mes­ter ab­road in Seoul

Hi my name is Marc and I am studying Applied Computer Science in the 4th semester. Currently I have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in Seoul, South Korea…

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My se­mes­ter ab­road in Ireland

Hey, my name is Jonas Biba and I'm currently spending a semester abroad in Ireland (Dublin, to be precise) as part of my dual study program in "Digital Business Management".…

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Ro­ta­ti­on to Munich

On 31.01.2022 at 8 am, my journey from Bad Mergentheim to Munich started. After three hours, 30 minutes and a snowstorm that I got caught in, I finally arrived at…

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My time at CARUSO

CARUSO, the subsidiary of TecAlliance, was founded in 2017. I can name myself as one of the first trainees who had the opportunity to spend a week on site in…

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Training in the SAP-Team

After making my first contacts with the sales/consulting world within TecAlliance, I have switched to the SAP team. Here I am getting to know the SAP world within TecAlliance, which…

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At our beau­tiful lo­ca­ti­on in Ismaning

Because I love the city of Munich and because I have never been to our location in Ismaning, I volunteered with two other trainees to take over as a receptionist.   Rebekka and Melina…

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Isa­bell in South Korea

Since mid-February I am in South Korea and have the opportunity to spend my fourth theory semester at Chung-Ang University in the heart of the city of Seoul. Every beginning…

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