Due to the cur­rent co­ro­na pan­de­mic, tra­de fairs and events may be post­po­ned or can­cel­led. We will keep our site al­ways up to date and in­form you about changes.

At the training fairs and ca­re­er in­for­ma­ti­on days, TecAlliance shows which pro­fes­si­ons and dual cour­ses of stu­dy we have in store for you. You can ask us anything you want to know about training with us and talk to our ap­pren­ti­ces and stu­dents. A good pos­si­bi­li­ty for this is the so-cal­led trai­nee speed da­ting, whe­re the stu­dents and TecAlliance peop­le meet, get to know each other and can ask the most im­portant ques­ti­ons in a short pe­ri­od of time.

10. – 21. May

Di­gi­tal ca­re­er in­for­ma­ti­on days “Jun­ge Ta­len­te“

in the re­gi­on Ro­then­burg o.d.T.

17. No­vem­ber

Stu­dent day – Mos­bach

74821 Mos­bach

09. – 10. July

BIT – Würz­burg
09:00 – 17:45

Stet­ti­ner Stra­ße 1
97072 Würz­burg

July 2021

Day of the dual stu­dy – Mos­bach

74821 Mos­bach

15. – 16. Oc­to­ber

Edu­ca­ti­on fair Lau­da-Kö­nigs­ho­fen
09:00 – 15:30

Beck­stei­ner Str. 58–60
97922 Lau­da-Kö­nigs­ho­fen

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