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Here some ap­pren­ti­ces and stu­dents re­port about their dai­ly ex­pe­ri­en­ces at other lo­ca­ti­ons, be­cau­se our main lo­ca­ti­on for our Vo­ca­tio­nal Training Team is in Wei­kers­heim.

For the first time in Is­ma­ning

Since I was very interested in getting to know our location in Ismaning and the city of Munich, I volunteered to take over the reception desk. Together with Felix I…

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Ad­ver­ti­sing cam­pai­gn for dual training

The Ministry of Economic Affairs commissioned a poster campaign to illustrate the variety of training and dual studies. The advantages, which are at the focus of the campaign, are: practical orientation, future-proofing and…

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My se­mes­ter in spain

¡Buenos días a todos de España! I am Nadja and I am currently spending my 4th semester at UPV in Alcoy, Spain. Alcoy is a small town in the region…

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Our first prac­ti­cal pha­se

Last week we, Isabell, Dalma and I, visited the Cologne site for the first time. This three-day trip was impressive, interesting and very exciting for us. We were fascinated by…

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Ro­ta­ti­on to Co­lo­gne

Since 6 January 2020 we (Chris and Flo) have been part of the Data Manager Trade Team, which is located at the Cologne site. In the beginning we were shown…

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