You’­re al­rea­dy stu­dy­ing at a uni­ver­si­ty and would like to pro­of your theo­re­ti­cal know­ledge. No mat­ter if your prac­ti­cal se­mes­ter is awai­t­ing you or you’d like to wri­te your bachelor’s the­sis – we of­fer many op­por­tu­nities for you to gather prac­ti­cal ex­pe­ri­ence du­ring your study.

Prac­ti­cal Se­mes­ter & Man­da­to­ry Internship

As part of your stu­dy you have to com­ple­te an in­ternship? You can do that at TecAlliance.

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Bachelor’s the­sis

Soon you’ll gra­dua­te. What is mis­sing for your de­gree is a bachelor’s the­sis? You can wri­te that at TecAlliance.

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Kers­tin Lang­ohr
Training ma­na­ger

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Meet us at a tra­de fair and talk to us on the spot.

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