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Kerstin Langohr

Group Manager Vocational Training

My name is Kerstin Langohr and I am a training manager at TecAlliance. I started my career with a commercial apprenticeship.  After several stations, I successfully completed an evening course of business administration. I have been with TecAlliance since 2008, initially as Head of Human Resources and since 2013 as Head of Training.  My activities are very varied; my tasks include recruiting new apprentices and students as well as planning rotations during training and studies. In addition, I am the contact person for all topics relevant to training. 

Christian Krause

Lead Data Science & Machine Learning

I, Christian Krause, am active in the role of Research & Innovation and Quality Officer at TecAlliance. I started my professional career as an apprentice IT specialist (application development) and then completed my university studies to become a business IT specialist. ( After several years in IT consulting, I joined TecAlliance GmbH in 2015. First in the role of Group Manager Quality Assurance and since the end of 2018 in my current role.  My activities are very exciting and varied, my tasks include among others: 
  • the evaluation, evaluation and introduction of new technologies and tools,
  • the preparation of guidelines and the assurance of their compliance,
  • the selection and support of service providers to support our internal departments and processes,
  • supporting the training of our trainees and students. 
TecAlliance GmbH is a stable employer, which makes it possible to bring in one’s own ideas and approaches; a high measure of personal development and innovation is enabled. 

Tobias Roth

Vice President Information Management

My name is Tobias Roth and I work as an IT project manager at TecAlliance GmbH. I started my professional career in 2009 in the company . Since then I have worked in a variety of positions, tasks and departments. After successfully completing my A-Levels, I started training as an IT specialist with a focus on application development.  In the course of this I went through the entire IT department of the company. After successful completion of my education, I became a web developer for the development and support of software products. Since my personal interest has always been in international matters, I seized the opportunity and started a dual bachelor course in International Business Industrial Sales & Marketing in cooperation with TecAlliance. In the course of this I moved to the Business Development department, where I was responsible for the analysis of the Chinese market and the design of pricing models.  In addition, I was given the opportunity to spend half a year abroad for a semester near Los Angeles, California, USA. Because I liked part-time studies very much, I decided to start a part-time Master’s degree in International Management after successfully completing my Bachelor of Arts (B.A.).  I moved to the Information Management division, where I have been IT project manager and product owner in an agile context ever since. After successfully completing the Master’s program with the title Master of Science (M.Sc.) and the additional title Master of Business Administration (MBA) from a Brazilian university, where I completed a period abroad, TecAlliance offered me another opportunity for further development. In addition to my work as a project manager, I started a part-time doctoral program at the beginning of 2019.  All my different activities in the company were and are characterised by great colleagues, varied tasks and continuous new challenges. My main tasks are the management of multinational agile software development teams and project planning and control. I am also active as a trainer and enjoy working with students and trainees. 

Marco Seubert

IT Engineer

My name is Marco Seubert, I am an IT specialist for system integration working in CCS IT Applications. My professional career began with a technical apprenticeship. Immediately after my training, I went into the military, where I was a platoon leader and trainer in the medical field.  After my time in the military, I completed my training as an IT specialist at TecAlliance. My field of activity includes all procurement in the IT sector, telephones in the fixed network and mobile sectors and asset management. I also work as an IT trainer. 

Dirk Kaupert

Project Engineer

My name is Dirk Kaupert, and I work for TecAlliance in the field of IM Tools. My career started in a completely different area.  After finishing school, I completed an apprenticeship as an electronics technician. Afterwards, I continued my education as a state-certified technician for electrical engineering/data technology. This brought me step by step to software development. I became a software developer through various correspondence courses and have been working in this position at TecAlliance since 2015.  My core task in the company is the development of recording programs for the internal recording of vehicle data. I implement work packages in the frontend and in the backend. The cooperation with colleagues and external service providers takes place in agile teams. What I really like about TecAlliance is the agile way of working and the team spirit in our young and dynamic company. I also like the development potential, which is supported by targeted training courses. 

Ralf Lippegaus

Service Owner

 My name is Ralf Lippegaus and I am working in Cologne as an IT Application Engineer.  I started my career at TecAlliance in 2012. At It-Operations, I do the Dispaching for our Ticketsystem, Assetmanagement, a lot of small projects and I am one of the trainer here in Cologne.  I started with IT by studying Mathematical  Science Informatics (Mathematische Naturwissenschaftliche Informatik) in Gießen from 1986 to 1991 (yes I am that old).  Since then I worked in 5 different companies as an It-Specialist, starting from Development, Sales and Network, then Networkspecialist, and later as a Securityspecialist.  Here I am working more as a generalist, focused on the big overview, holding a lot of gearwheels in motion.  In my real life outside of TecAlliance, I fix my family matters (one son, 21 years old) , Paragliding, Motorcycling, Robotics and Ballroom-Dancing. 

Beate Lippegaus

Sales Service Representative

My name is Beate Lippegaus, I have been at TecAlliance since 2014 and I am working in Sales Services since 2016.  Since the introduction of the new structure, I am working for the International Sales Services of the BU Manufacturer – Sales Services is primarily responsible for offers and invoices.  You are right here, if you want to learn something about our way of working and learn more about the products of our BU.  For you, it is certainly interesting to get to know our main applications too (CRM and HS AB).  If you are here in Cologne, you will find out that we have a great working atmosphere with many nice and helpful colleagues - working here is really fun.  In my private life I have one son (21 years old) and 3 cats - I like Paragliding, Nordic Walking and Dancing and I go to Fitness Training twice a week. 

Christian Becker

Research Engineer

My name is Christian Becker and I am part of the Research & Innovation (R&I) team of TecAlliance.  I joined the TecAlliance in 2011 and started my training as an IT Specialist - Application Development. This allowed me to gain my first experience in software development and the TecAlliance. Subsequently, I took a course in Applied Computer Science at the DHBW in order to gain more detailed knowledge in computer science.  Since October 2018 I have been doing the Master in Computer Science in cooperation with DHBW CAS.  In the company I take care of optimizations and process improvements in the field of information management. By means of new technologies and approaches, as well as machine learning, we test in a team how we can accelerate our data acquisition and further increase the quality standard. I am also available to the development teams to answer questions about new technologies and support the transfer of the developed prototypes to line production.  In addition, I am responsible for supporting our apprentices and students when they want to complete project work with us in the R&I team.  At TecAlliance, I greatly appreciate the great trust placed in the employees. We can contribute and develop our own ideas. Due to the flexitime and home office arrangements, parallel study in the CAS Master's program is also less problematic. 

Georg Speth

Senior Software Developer

When my studies of Software Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Heilbronn slowly came to an end in early 2008, I was looking for a suitable diploma thesis. Through a fellow student I came into contact with the company AuDaCon IT-Solutions GmbH (as the company was then still called) in Weikersheim, where I wrote my diploma thesis - a web tool for the translation run - from May 2008 to September 2008.  As I found the working environment very appealing and I also came to appreciate my colleagues, I was delighted when I was made a takeover offer after my successful completion of my studies, which I gladly accepted. Until the introduction of the new structures, I worked in the team that provided the RMI (Repair and maintenance information) for the customers in the form of program libraries or web applications. Thereby I specialized myself towards the backend. Already during this time I came into contact with trainees who completed part of their training in the team and was allowed to give them professional guidance. In 2016 I had the opportunity to take on more responsibility and passed the AEVO exam at the IHK.  Since the restructuring I have been working in the Data Manager Trade BU in the RMI Backend Team. There we take care of the maintenance, support and further development of the RMI program library and its web service.  In my private life I can consider myself lucky as a staff member of my cat. Furthermore I like to play analog board games; which we also do on a fairly regular basis in the games evening we founded with some like-minded trainees.