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Due to the cur­rent si­tua­ti­on with the co­ro­na­vi­rus, all of us trai­nees have also en­ded up in the home of­fice. …
Af­ter it was de­ci­ded at the be­gin­ning of March to post­po­ne the sum­mer se­mes­ter at all Ger­man uni­ver­si­ties, the DHBW
¡Bue­nos días a to­dos de Es­paña! I am Nad­ja and I am cur­r­ent­ly spen­ding my 4th se­mes­ter at UPV in …
Hel­lo, ever­y­bo­dy, on Fe­bru­a­ry 19, 2020, the time had fi­nal­ly come, be­cau­se I suc­cess­ful­ly com­ple­ted my training as an IT


In our new for­mat on In­sta­gram, every se­cond Tu­es­day, one of our trai­nees will in­tro­du­ce you to his or her cour­se of study/training and ever­y­day work.

The TecAlliance

With the TecAlliance, you al­rea­dy be­ne­fit from many ex­clu­si­ve ad­van­ta­ges du­ring your training or stu­dies.

TecAlliance has over 600 em­ployees around the world in 15 coun­tries on 6 con­ti­nents.

TecAlliance pla­ces gre­at em­pha­sis on in­de­pen­dent work. The­se va­lues set the frame­work for this.

Trai­nee Teams

At TecAlliance, you work on a trai­nee pro­ject of your choice du­ring your training or stu­dies.

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