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Here you find some pro­files of us and our way, which we have gone with the TecAlliance.


Bachelor’s Degree – What’s next? During my last practical phase at TecAlliance I not only had to write my bachelor thesis but I also had to think about the team…

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Looking for international experience and an opportunity to take my first steps in professional life, I started my studies in 2016 in cooperation with TecAlliance GmbH. So a new chapter…

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In September 2016, I started training as an IT specialist for system integration at TecAlliance. In my first week I went directly to the Automechanika trade fair in Frankfurt and…

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TecAlliance is more than an employerMy adventure with TecAlliance started three and a half years ago with a study in business administration focusing on international business. After completing this first…

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I completed my training with the successful passing of my oral final examination in February 2019. After two and a half years of training I am now a member of…

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After the successful passing of the written and oral exams I finally finished my apprenticeship as an Information Technology Commercial Manager in February 2018 after 2½ years with a shortening.…

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I started my apprenticeship at TecAlliance on 24.09.2015 and successfully completed it on 07.02.2018. At the end of the apprenticeship I thought about where I could be employed after the…

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Hello there, My name is Kevin Zilke I am 21 years old and completed my training as an IT specialist in the field of application development in September 2018. I…

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With the completion of the oral examination in July 2018, my employment as a trainee at TecAlliance ended. I was able to get to know all our training locations, many…

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