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Move to a new of­fice in Maastricht


my name is Hag­ji and I am curr­ent­ly in my first year of app­ren­ti­ce­ship as a ma­nage­ment assistant.

Tog­e­ther with Ju­li­an, we sup­port­ed the move in Maas­tricht. Du­ring the who­le pro­ject, we both had the op­por­tu­ni­ty to par­ti­ci­pa­te in the net­work plan­ning and net­work struc­tu­re. We sup­port­ed the pro­cess of a new patch pa­nel cabling, such as dra­wing up plans for the new net­work struc­tu­re, con­nec­ting the swit­ches with the patch pa­nels our­sel­ves and do­cu­men­ting this afterwards.

Bes­i­des work, the­re were also many af­ter-work ac­ti­vi­ties, such as the one or other round of ta­ble ten­nis in our stu­dent ho­tel, vi­si­ting a ro­of­top bar from which you could see a view over the ho­ri­zon of Maas­tricht. And lots of re­stau­rants that brought in a gre­at sight bes­i­des the good food.

All in all, the stay in Maas­tricht and Heer­len was very in­s­truc­ti­ve, as we were able to gain many in­sights into our net­work struc­tu­re, which was roun­ded off with many gre­at lei­su­re ac­ti­vi­ties at the end of the day.

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