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The la­test news quick­ly and com­pact­ly from our team.

Writ­ten fi­nal ex­ami­na­ti­on in Würzburg

On 5 May we had our written final examination in Würzburg. It started at 8 o'clock in the morning. We gathered in front of the building half an hour before.…

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Re­mo­de­ling in Weikersheim

Since the beginning of the year, the location in Weikersheim has been undergoing more extensive remodeling measures, which primarily affect the angular building on the ground floor and the central…

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Isa­bell in South Korea

Since mid-February I am in South Korea and have the opportunity to spend my fourth theory semester at Chung-Ang University in the heart of the city of Seoul. Every beginning…

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My time in R&I

From April 2020 to the end of October 2020, I was in the CCS IT (Research & Innovation) department, whose main area of responsibility is to look at new technologies.…

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DHBW am­bassa­dor

On 27.04.2021, an online introductory event to the DHBW Ambassador took place, where I participated with nineteen other students. But what is the DHBW Ambassador? The DHBW Mosbach is continuously…

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Writ­ten AdA-examination

On the 27.04 the written AdA-examination (training of trainers) took place, which had been postponed in January due to the Corona situation. As expected, the exam was conducted online and…

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My time in DMR (Data Ma­na­ger RMI)

Since 01.06.2020 I am in the BU DMR, whose main task is the provision, management and maintenance of data, manuals and information on the maintenance and repair of a vehicle.…

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The 5th se­mes­ter in retrospect

I am a dual student at DHBW Mosbach and TecAlliance, my name is Adrian and I am currently in the fifth semester of the Business Informatics course. Unfortunately, due to…

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My time in DMT (Ca­ta­lo­gue Solutions)

From January 2020 to mid-March 2020, I worked in the DMT (Catalogue Solutions) department at our location in Cologne. This department deals with the development of the TecDoc Catalogue. At…

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That was fas­ter than expected

It has now been almost two months since I left the IHK building in Heilbronn, the note in my hand that my training has been passed. But before that, I…

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