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The first time data sci­ence at the DHBW

Hel­lo ever­yo­ne! My name is Zhan­na and I am a dual stu­dent at TecAlliance. I am stu­dy­ing data sci­ence and ar­ti­fi­ci­al in­tel­li­gence at the DHBW in Mosbach.

Be­fo­re stu­dy­ing, I li­ved in Ukrai­ne and work­ed main­ly in the tou­rism in­dus­try. Du­ring this time, I felt like I was­n’t rea­ching my po­ten­ti­al in this area and nee­ded more chal­lenges. Then I dis­co­ver­ed data sci­ence and rea­li­zed it was exact­ly what I needed.

I am hap­py to be part of TecAlliance. I can take a new path and get the ch­an­ge I need. In my first month at TecAlliance, the other trai­nees and I had the op­por­tu­ni­ty to get to know each other, the in­dus­try and the company.

I have also al­re­a­dy com­ple­ted my first se­mes­ter at the DHBW. The cour­se gave me a ge­ne­ral over­view of what data sci­ence and ar­ti­fi­ci­al in­tel­li­gence are. The­re was a lot of in­for­ma­ti­on about ma­the­ma­tics, dif­fe­rent me­thods of gai­ning know­ledge from data (data sci­ence) and also ge­ne­ral know­ledge about AI. The­re was also a theo­re­ti­cal part on ma­chi­ne lear­ning, in which I lear­ned about va­rious tech­ni­ques used to train the com­pu­ter to make predictions.

Af­ter­wards, I was com­ple­te­ly sure that the cour­se and the com­pa­ny would ex­ceed my expectations.

In my free time I draw, go for walks and lis­ten to music.

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