Ro­ta­ti­on from Anna-Lena and Jana to Is­ma­ning Part 2

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Hel­lo, it’s me, Jana! The four weeks of Anna-Lena and me in Mu­nich are over. The time was run­ning so fast it’s un­be­liev­a­ble. We were able to gain many new ex­pe­ri­en­ces as well at work as in our spa­re time. Tog­e­ther with the Pro­duct Ow­ner Mo­ritz Mah­ler of the Team 9 of the Busi­ness Unit Or­der Ma­na­ger, I was able to ex­pe­ri­ence the ever­y­day life wi­t­hin a scrum team.  All mee­tings were held in Eng­lish, at the be­gin­ning this was very unusu­al for me, but now it is com­ple­te­ly nor­mal. Howe­ver, so­me­ti­mes it is qui­te dif­fi­cult to chan­ge from Ger­man to Eng­lish, so that so­me­ti­mes it hap­pen­ed that you sud­den­ly star­ted tal­king to your Ger­man col­leagues in Eng­lish. Bes­i­des wri­ting new user sto­ries for the TecAlliance so­lu­ti­on “War­ran­ty & Re­turns”, I could par­ti­ci­pa­te in all mee­tings, in­clu­ding the Back­log Re­fi­ne­ment. In the Back­log Re­fi­ne­ment, the user sto­ries are ex­p­lai­ned by the pro­duct ow­ner and af­ter­wards ever­yo­ne in the team can ask ques­ti­ons about each user sto­ry. I had the chan­ce to pre­sent the User Sto­ries I wro­te mys­elf and an­s­wer all ques­ti­ons about them. Fur­ther­mo­re, I was also al­lo­wed to par­ti­ci­pa­te in a cus­to­mer mee­ting for the pro­duct “War­ran­ty & Re­turns” de­ve­lo­ped by Team 9. This was my first cus­to­mer mee­ting. It was very in­te­res­ting to see how such an ap­point­ment works and abo­ve all I was sur­pri­sed how re­la­xed the con­ver­sa­ti­on was in the end. Af­ter the ap­point­ment the­re was a ty­pi­cal Ba­va­ri­an meal for ever­yo­ne, na­me­ly white sau­sa­ge with pret­zel and sweet mustard. 

We also used our wee­kends to ex­plo­re Mu­nich. Bes­i­des ty­pi­cal tou­rist ac­ti­vi­ties like vi­si­t­ing the Ger­man Mu­se­um, the Mu­nich Re­si­dence and the Toy Mu­se­um, we also spent an af­ter­noon at the Mu­nich Zoo. The­re we met Ti­mon and Pum­ba among others. 

All in all, it was an ex­ci­ting and in­st­ruc­ti­ve time for us, which we will glad­ly look back on in the fu­ture. The gre­at ad­van­ta­ge of a ro­ta­ti­on to ano­t­her lo­ca­ti­on is to get to know other are­as and col­leagues of the TecAlliance. This makes it much ea­sier to find the right con­ta­ct per­son for sub­se­quent tasks. 

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