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In­tern­ship work­shop in Cologne

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The 5‑day work­shop in Co­lo­gne be­gan on July 10, 2023, at 9 a.m. with a pre­sen­ta­ti­on about the com­pa­ny and a sub­se­quent tour of the buil­ding. 

Af­ter a brief in­tro­duc­tion to the ba­sics of HTML and CSS, the first web­sites were crea­ted. 

Af­ter lunch, pro­gramming and tin­ke­ring with the web­sites con­tin­ued. 

The next few days, the work­shop dealt with Py­thon, with the syn­tax be­ing ex­plai­ned at the start, but then mo­ving on to the first smal­ler pro­jects re­la­tively quick­ly. 

The­se in­cluded a self-pro­grammed tem­pe­ra­tu­re con­ver­ter and TicT­ac­Toe. 

Af­ter un­der­stan­ding the ba­sics of Py­thon, they swit­ched to the Raspber­ry Pi, on which they could use Py­thon scripts to pro­gram small games like Sna­ke and vi­sua­li­ze them with the Sens­eHat. 

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