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Vo­ca­tio­nal school with co­ro­na restrictions

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Sin­ce the in­ci­dence is go­ing down all over Ger­ma­ny, and sin­ce Würz­burg, the city whe­re our vo­ca­tio­nal school is lo­ca­ted, is no ex­cep­ti­on, home schoo­ling is now co­m­ing to an end. In­s­tead, all stu­dents must re­turn back into the class­rooms. With about 30 peop­le, it is im­pos­si­ble to keep a safe­ty di­stance of 1.50 me­ters, but masks have to be worn any­way. At least in the class­rooms and in the cor­ri­dors, but you can now take off your mask du­ring the breaks out­side. Espe­cial­ly at the­se tem­pe­ra­tures tha­t’s a real bles­sing, be­cau­se it can get re­al­ly stuffy un­der the mask.

Ano­t­her an­noy­ing thing is also the tes­ting every other day. Par­ti­cu­lar­ly un­plea­sant are the sticks that you have to sho­ve up your nose to take a swab. Com­bi­ne that with peop­le who have pol­len or grass all­er­gies, and you hear not­hing but snee­zing noi­ses for the first 10 mi­nu­tes of the les­son. Also un­plea­sant is that you are sup­po­sed to put the mask back on as soon as pos­si­ble af­ter tes­ting, me­a­ning you are sup­po­sed to snee­ze into the mask, and that is not very nice.

As soon as all the tes­ting is over, the les­sons start. Here, ever­ything runs as usu­al, ex­cept that ever­yo­ne still has to keep the mask on. Sin­ce it’s back to face-to-face clas­ses, some per­for­mance re­cords have also been writ­ten so that the tea­chers can form a pro­per re­port card gra­de. The­re were one or two stu­dents who did not want to be tes­ted or who had a high-risk pa­ti­ent in the fa­mi­ly and the­re­fo­re stay­ed at home, but they were then con­nec­ted on­line and gra­des were then for­med by pre­sen­ta­ti­ons in­s­tead of per­for­mance re­cords on site.

All in all, it can be said that alt­hough ever­y­day life at the vo­ca­tio­nal school is still a bit awk­ward, nor­ma­li­ty is gra­du­al­ly returning.

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