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TnT – Writer’s Block

Many stu­dents and trai­nees will know the pro­blem, and others will get to know it du­ring their care­ers. You sit in front of your pro­ject work and it just does­n’t seem to make any pro­gress. The page re­mains blank and you don’t know how to con­ti­nue or even get star­ted. Writer’s block has a firm grip on you. This ar­tic­le is in­ten­ded to pro­vi­de tips on how to get out of that spiral: 

  • Just start, even if it’s just thoughts run­ning th­rough the mind, the blank page is more frigh­tening than a bad text. 
  • The­re are wri­ting work­shops that can sup­port you and give you a re­gu­lar routine. 
  • Texts can be writ­ten in­si­de or out­side the wri­ting workshop. 
  • The­re is li­te­ra­tu­re on writer’s block that helps to take the pres­su­re off. 
  • De­ve­lop a plan and stick to it: Plan a working day, so to speak 
  • Take breaks too! So­me­ti­mes a show­er is en­ough to bring back fresh ideas. 
  • Find the re­ason for the fear, if you dare, and then do so­me­thing about it.
  • Keep the ad­dres­sees in mind 
  • Choo­se a to­pic that will re­main in­te­res­t­ing for more than 3 months.

If you re­al­ly fol­low the­se tips, then writer’s block will no lon­ger be a pro­blem in the fu­ture and working will be ea­sier overall. 

We have put tog­e­ther a sel­ec­tion of li­te­ra­tu­re that might help you: 

  • Kru­se, Otto (2007): Kei­ne Angst vor dem Ble­ren Blatt, 12th edi­ti­on, campusCONCRET.
  • Rei­ni­cke, Kat­ja (2018): Fürch­te dich nicht – schrei­be!, utb 
  • Korn­mei­er, Mar­tin (2018): Wis­sen­schaft­lich schrei­ben leicht ge­macht, 7th edi­ti­on, utb
  • Wolfs­ber­ger, Ju­dith (2016): Frei ge­schrie­ben, 4th edi­ti­on, utb 

If you are in­te­res­ted in tips for bet­ter time ma­nage­ment, have a look at our TnT se­ries, you will find a post about it in that section. 

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