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Sum­mer par­ty 2022

 On Fri­day, Sep­tem­ber 23 the an­nu­al sum­mer par­ty of the TecAlliance took place. This was held at the ho­tel “DAS BISCHOF” in Tau­ber­bi­schofs­heim. 

The evening star­ted with a cham­pa­gne re­cep­ti­on in the in­ner cour­ty­ard of the ho­tel. Af­ter a wel­co­me of the em­ployees by Ralf Pelk­mann, a long-stan­ding com­pa­ny tra­di­ti­on was con­tin­ued. This sta­tes that all new trai­nees must sing at the be­gin­ning of a ce­rem­o­ny. This year, the new em­ployees sang the th­ree songs “Wel­ler­man”, “Grie­chi­scher Wein” and “Tage wie die­se”. All this led to a re­la­xed and amusing at­mo­sphe­re.  

Af­ter­wards, the­re was an ex­cel­lent 4‑course meal with so­me­thing for ever­yo­ne. The ap­pe­ti­zer and des­sert were ser­ved, the main cour­ses could be found at the buf­fet. To avo­id cha­os, the ta­bles were all cal­led one by one to the buf­fet. For this pur­po­se, place cards with well-known car brands were pla­ced on the ta­bles be­fore­hand. 

Bet­ween main cour­se and des­sert fol­lo­wed a hu­mo­rous con­tri­bu­ti­on of the Co­me­di­an Alo­is Ge­scheid­le, which was about the ever­y­day life of the Swa­bi­an man. Bes­i­des good con­ver­sa­ti­ons, mu­sic and co­me­dy, the­re was also a pho­to box, whe­re many fun­ny pho­tos were ta­ken. 

Thanks to a de­di­ca­ted DJ and rou­sing mu­sic, the­re was dancing and par­ty­ing un­til deep into the night. The evening of­fi­ci­al­ly en­ded at around 00:30, when the shut­tle bus, which had pre­vious­ly also dri­ven some em­ployees to the event, dro­ve back to Weikersheim.

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