My se­mes­ter in spain

¡Bue­nos días a to­dos de Es­pa­ña! I am Nad­ja and I am curr­ent­ly spen­ding my 4th se­mes­ter at UPV in Al­coy, Spain. Al­coy is a small town in the re­gi­on of Ali­can­te with about 5.000 stu­dents, which I have lik­ed in­cre­di­bly well from the be­gin­ning. In the start we were about 120 in­ter­na­tio­nal stu­dents – but in the me­an­ti­me the­re are much less of them, be­cau­se many of them star­ted their jour­ney home earlier.

The workload at the uni­ver­si­ty here is dis­tri­bu­ted dif­fer­ent­ly than at the DHBW, as you go th­rough an on­go­ing eva­lua­ti­on in the form of group pro­jects, pre­sen­ta­ti­ons, pa­pers and exams. Also, four of my five lec­tures are held in Spa­nish, which meant a ch­an­ge espe­ci­al­ly in the be­gin­ning, de­spi­te good lan­guage skills. But as I al­most ex­clu­si­ve­ly speak Spa­nish eit­her with my fl­at­ma­te as also at the uni­ver­si­ty and with many fri­ends, one gets used to it very fast and soon no­ti­ces some im­pro­ve­ments of the lan­guage skills.

Apart from all the work for the uni­ver­si­ty, ho­we­ver, ex­plo­ring the coun­try and its cul­tu­re is not neglected.
Tog­e­ther with the other in­ter­na­tio­nal stu­dents as well as with my fel­low stu­dents from the DHBW we (have been) on the road a lot on free weekends or ho­li­days. So far we espe­ci­al­ly lik­ed Ali­can­te and Gra­na­da, but also Al­coy has a lot of beau­tiful cor­ners to of­fer, as it is a place in the moun­ta­ins with an im­pres­si­ve panorama.

I have en­joy­ed it here in­cre­di­bly well from the be­gin­ning and I am very gra­teful to TecAlliance for let­ting me spend my 4th se­mes­ter here. Alt­hough I would have had the op­por­tu­ni­ty to lea­ve Spain ear­lier, I de­ci­ded to stay here, which TecAlliance con­ti­nues to sup­port. I am now cu­rious about what to ex­pect in the next months and I am loo­king for­ward to lea­ving the house again soon. ¡Has­ta la próxima!

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