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Ho­me­schoo­ling due to corona

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Due to Co­vid-19, schools are in­cre­a­singly swit­ching to ho­me­schoo­ling, so that the stu­dents are able to be taught the know­ledge they need for the rest of their schoo­ling de­s­pi­te the lack of presence.
Of cour­se, it was also a chan­ge for us at first not to at­tend clas­ses in per­son as usu­al, but via the In­ter­net with the help of Mi­cro­soft Teams, and sin­ce we can hand­le such tech­no­lo­gies wi­thout any pro­blems, the chan­ge was not a big problem.
It is not pos­si­ble to give a ge­ne­ral as­sess­ment of the on­line les­sons, as not ever­yo­ne has the same opi­ni­on. Ne­vertheless, the tea­chers do ever­ything they can to make the les­sons as in­te­res­ting and in­st­ruc­ti­ve as pos­si­ble, and the ex­chan­ge bet­ween tea­chers and stu­dents is not a pro­blem in any way.
In con­clu­si­on, we work through the to­pics at the same pace as usu­al, if not even fas­ter than in pre­sence. Ne­vertheless, ho­me­schoo­ling does not make it easy to ob­tain gra­des, as no tests or school as­sign­ments can be writ­ten, and some tea­chers the­re­fo­re re­sort to presentations.

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