Go-Cart Con­test in Gollhofen

At­ten­ti­on all Ma­rio Kart fans: Last week 19 col­le­agues met for go-car­ting in Goll­ho­fen. Af­ter all com­pe­ti­tors ar­ri­ved the­re in a (still) ci­vi­li­zed man­ner with their cars, re­gis­tered at the ter­mi­nal and re­cei­ved their beau­tiful ba­la­cla­vas, the team for­ma­ti­on could be­gin. To di­vi­de up all par­ti­ci­pan­ts, ever­yo­ne had to draw a lot and then find the part­ner with the same num­ber. This re­sul­ted in 9 teams of two and one lone figh­ter. Af­ter the in­s­truc­tion in the go-carts, the track and dif­fe­rent si­gnal to­nes and si­gns, the fun could start at least for a part of the teams of two. First the teams com­pe­ted against each other in the 20-mi­nu­tes qua­li­fy­ing ses­si­on. The­re was a dri­ver ch­an­ge af­ter 10 mi­nu­tes. Af­ter that the start­ing po­si­ti­ons for the fol­lo­wing 40-mi­nu­tes race were clear. The race was al­re­a­dy toug­her: The ti­res squea­k­ed, the­re were spo­ra­dic col­li­si­ons with the lane boun­da­ries and also cra­s­hes among the com­pe­ti­tors. But just to calm you: No one was in­ju­red. Af­ter an­o­ther dri­ver ch­an­ge and the last 20 mi­nu­tes it was known who would be al­lo­wed to climb the po­di­um. I won­der if some­bo­dy smug­g­led in here who is not al­lo­wed to climb the po­di­um at all? Third and se­cond place were each re­ward­ed with a small go-cart tro­phy, while the first place re­cei­ved a lar­ge tro­phy. But are the first-pla­ced re­al­ly hap­py about the vic­to­ry? Be­cau­se ac­cor­ding to tra­di­ti­on, it is now their task to or­ga­ni­ze the go-cart race for next year. Sin­ce go-car­ting makes ti­red and hun­gry, some of the par­ti­ci­pan­ts went home and the other part of the team spent the evening tog­e­ther in a piz­ze­ria in Bad Mer­gen­theim. We are loo­king for­ward to next time and are hap­py about your participation!

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