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Writ­ten fi­nal ex­ami­na­ti­on in Würzburg

On 5 May we had our writ­ten fi­nal ex­ami­na­ti­on in Würzburg.
It star­ted at 8 o’­clock in the mor­ning. We gathe­red in front of the buil­ding half an hour be­fo­re. The­re we tal­ked about pos­si­ble ques­ti­ons and to­pics that could be asked.

Short­ly be­fo­re 8 o’­clock we were let into the buil­ding (un­der hy­gie­ne ru­les) and sat down on the seats. The th­ree ex­ami­ners then ex­plai­ned to us how ever­y­thing would work and what we had to pay at­ten­ti­on to du­ring the exam. 

Then we star­ted with the GA1, for which we had 1.5 hours. The GA1 is the ex­ami­na­ti­on for the pro­fes­sio­nal qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on and looks dif­fe­rent for all IT pro­fes­si­ons. The con­tent of this exam includes:
– Programming
– databases
UML diagrams
Af­ter the time was up, the exam was coll­ec­ted and we were gi­ven a break of 30 mi­nu­tes. Du­ring this time we gathe­red out­side the buil­ding and tal­ked about this exam and men­tal­ly pre­pared for the next exam. The GA2.
The GA2 in­cludes not only to­pics on pro­gramming, but also to­pics on eco­no­mics and net­wor­king tech­ni­ques. We also had 1.5 hours for this exam.
Af­ter a short break, it was time for the WiSo exam. This main­ly con­sis­ted of tick-box ques­ti­ons on eco­no­mic and po­li­ti­cal to­pics. Un­li­ke the other exams, we only had one hour for this one. But most of the ex­ami­nees had al­re­a­dy fi­nis­hed af­ter half an hour.
At about 1 p.m. we were done with ever­y­thing and I went home with a re­la­tively good fee­ling be­cau­se I was able to ans­wer most of the exam ques­ti­ons well.

Af­ter a month we got our re­sults. And all the trai­nees from the TecAlliance pas­sed the writ­ten exam.
The first hurd­le has been cleared!
Now all that’s miss­ing for our gra­dua­ti­on is our pro­ject do­cu­men­ta­ti­on and oral fi­nal exam.

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