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Trai­nee trip 2022

This year, the time had come again and the long-awai­ted trai­nee ex­cur­si­on was just around the cor­ner. On 02.09.2022 we star­ted at 9 am in Wei­kers­heim with get­ting to know each other and team­buil­ding games to get to know each other even better.

Af­ter­wards, we took a bus to Mos­bach in a gre­at mood and with mu­sic to start a big ca­noe tour. Af­ter a short brie­fing, our trip al­re­a­dy be­gan. On the way we ex­pe­ri­en­ced fun­ny in­ci­dents, were al­lo­wed to lock tog­e­ther and fought to see who could coll­ect the most rub­ber ducks.

Ex­haus­ted but hap­py, we ar­ri­ved at the tipi vil­la­ge in Ne­ckar­ge­r­ach, whe­re we would spend the night. Af­ter loa­ding the ca­noes back onto the trai­ler, we mo­ved into our ti­pis and were then free to pur­sue va­rious ac­ti­vi­ties. Some of us coo­led off af­ter the stre­nuous trip by jum­ping into the cool Ne­ckar Ri­ver. Others play­ed beach vol­ley­ball, soc­cer, or en­joy­ed a brief mo­ment of peace be­fo­re we all re­u­ni­ted for din­ner. In the evening, we gathe­red around the camp­fi­re and re­la­xed tog­e­ther with the game “Were­wolf” to end the day.

The next mor­ning, af­ter break­fast tog­e­ther, we set out in hea­vy rain for a sca­ven­ger hunt th­rough the Mar­ga­ret Gor­ge. The hike pro­vi­ded us with beau­tiful views and a spe­cial na­tu­ral spectacle.

On our re­turn trip to Wei­kers­heim, it was si­gni­fi­cant­ly quie­ter on the bus, as ever­yo­ne was ex­haus­ted from the pre­vious days. Nevert­hel­ess, ever­yo­ne was hap­py be­cau­se we had got­ten to know each other bet­ter, had grown tog­e­ther as a team and had made new fri­ends. In ge­ne­ral, it was a very suc­cessful trai­nee excursion.

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