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Vi­deo con­fe­rence rooms project

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In De­cem­ber, I spent ano­t­her week in the IT-Ops de­part­ment of Wei­kers­heim. Here I was al­lo­wed to help di­rect­ly with a new pro­ject, which had the goal of set­ting up two new vi­deo con­fe­rence rooms in Weikersheim.

At the be­gin­ning, I was al­lo­wed to crea­te two user gui­des for two new de­vices. The user gui­des are lo­ca­ted in the vi­deo con­fe­rence rooms and ser­ve as as­si­s­tance for the col­leagues. They ex­p­lain how to con­nect the de­vice to the lap­top and, if ne­cessa­ry, how to chan­ge the au­dio de­vice if this has not hap­pen­ed automatically.

Fur­ther­mo­re, I had to set up two new de­vices and in­stall them in the mee­ting rooms. One de­vice is the Po­ly­com Stu­dio, which also co­mes with a new screen. I first had to re­mo­ve the old screen from the mee­ting room and move it to ano­t­her room. In ad­di­ti­on, the Po­ly­com Stu­dio has a viewing ang­le of 120 de­grees and the pos­si­bi­li­ty to fo­cus on the spea­ker.
The se­cond de­vice is the Mee­ting Owl, which has a 360 de­gree viewing ang­le and the abi­li­ty to fo­cus on mul­ti­ple spea­kers. The Mee­ting Owl was also se­cu­red with a lock so that it can­not be re­mo­ved.
Fi­nal­ly, a test mee­ting was held to check whe­ther ever­ything was working pro­per­ly or whe­ther any ad­jus­t­ments nee­ded to be made.
The two new rooms are Agi­li­ty with the Mee­ting Owl and Com­mu­ni­ty with the Po­ly­com Stu­dio.

I am al­rea­dy loo­king for­ward to my fur­ther time in IT-Ops.

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