Gra­dua­ti­on 2022

Th­ree ye­ars of training went by so quickly.

You’­ve just fi­nis­hed play­ing get-to-know-you and team-buil­ding games, and sud­den­ly you’­re pi­cking up your di­plo­mas. The gra­dua­ti­on ce­rem­o­ny took place in Würz­burg, quite clas­si­cal­ly with se­ve­ral spee­ches, some mu­sic, and ho­no­u­ring the best stu­dents. The cer­ti­fi­ca­tes were han­ded over by the head of the class, fol­lo­wed by cham­pa­gne and snacks in the schoolyard.

Class­ma­tes and te­a­chers tal­ked about the training or the time at the vo­ca­tio­nal school. It was pos­si­ble to say good­bye to ever­yo­ne now that our ways are par­ting again.

The other high­light of the same week was the fi­nal din­ner with our training su­per­vi­sor Kers­tin, she in­vi­ted us trai­nees to eat at the “Schurk” in Mar­kels­heim. The food was de­li­cious, for that alo­ne it was worth the training! 😉

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