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First Day, New Way

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On Sep­tem­ber 1, we star­ted a new pha­se in our life at TecAlliance. The first two weeks were very in­for­ma­ti­ve. Trai­nees and stu­dents put a lot of ef­fort into the who­le or­ga­niza­ti­on. “From cus­to­mer to pro­duct” about each area we got a litt­le pre­sen­ta­ti­on by the em­ployees. They ans­we­red our ques­ti­ons with pa­ti­ence and friendliness.

In the se­cond week we were al­lo­wed to work in groups, our task was to find the so­lu­ti­on to a pro­blem and sol­ve it with the help of a pro­duct de­ve­lo­ped in an agi­le work pro­cess. That me­ans we thought about a pro­to­ty­pe that we would like to de­ve­lop. Th­rough pre­sen­ta­ti­ons we could pre­sent our ide­as to each other. We were all very crea­ti­ve. For ex­am­p­le a chip that makes shop­ping ea­sier, a sound room and an app that sa­ves house plants.

We rea­li­zed that com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on is the be-all and end-all!

Week af­ter week ever­y­thing be­ca­me more exciting:
The third and fourth weeks were fil­led with the pro­gramming lan­guage C#!

The TecAlliance of­fers a lear­ning of­fice for its trai­nees and stu­dents. In this of­fice we have work­ed with C# so far: We put the know­ledge gai­ned from two weeks of pro­gramming into an aqua­ri­um. Yes, exact­ly, we pro­grammed an aqua­ri­um whe­re fish swim in all di­rec­tions. The aqua­ri­um was our first big pro­ject, so to speak. We all en­joy­ed it very much, be­cau­se we hel­ped and sup­port­ed each other.

If you like to learn so­me­thing new and have fun pro­gramming, you will agree with me: The lear­ning of­fice is the best!

At this point I would like to prai­se our trai­ners: They were al­ways the­re to ans­wer ques­ti­ons and with a quick glan­ce at the screen the pro­blem is solved.

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