Trai­nee Trip 2021

Trai­nee Trip 2021

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Like every year, this year all trai­nees went on an ex­cur­si­on on 10 Sep­tem­ber 2021. De­s­pi­te the cur­rent si­tua­ti­on, it was a com­ple­te suc­cess again this year.

The day be­gan at 8:30 a.m. in front of the com­pa­ny buil­ding in Wei­kers­heim. Tog­e­ther with the other co­horts, more than 40 peop­le were gathe­red and af­ter ever­yo­ne had done quick tests, it al­rea­dy star­ted with two get­ting-to-know-you games.

Af­ter­wards, the who­le team hik­ed down the hill to El­pers­heim, whe­re the pre­pa­red bub­ble foot­balls and the Ar­row­tag pitch were al­rea­dy wai­t­ing for us on the foot­ball pitch. Six teams were for­med, each com­pe­ting in three rounds of Ar­row­tag and Bub­ble­soc­cer. Right on time for lunch, sand­wi­ches were ser­ved and ever­yo­ne li­ter­al­ly po­un­ced on them.

Af­ter spor­ty but very fun­ny and suc­cess­ful or not so suc­cess­ful hours, the win­ners were crow­ned and the climb back to the com­pa­ny was on.

Once at the top, ever­yo­ne fres­he­ned up a bit, the bar­be­cue was hea­ted up and the beer fri­dge was ope­ned. Then fol­lo­wed a cosy get-tog­e­ther with good con­ver­sa­ti­on and lots of laugh­ter. The spon­ta­ne­ous beer pong tour­na­ment only ligh­te­ned the mood fur­ther. With Spa­nish mu­sic, ever­yo­ne dan­ced exu­ber­ant­ly into the night.

Con­ta­cts were made and perhaps even friendships were for­ged and so the be­au­ti­ful day came to an end.

Many thanks to the or­ga­nisers and all tho­se who hel­ped to make this day possible.

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