Ro­ta­ti­on to Ismaning

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Hel­lo together!
I’m Ju­li­an and I’m curr­ent­ly do­ing my app­ren­ti­ce­ship as an In­for­ma­ti­on Tech­no­lo­gy Specialist.
I am also in my first year of training. On
08.11.2021 I had my ro­ta­ti­on to Mu­nich for 3 weeks.
It came as a sur­pri­se that I was al­lo­wed to ro­ta­te so quick­ly, be­cau­se I am just part of TecAlliance sin­ce the first of September.
When I ar­ri­ved at the site, I first got a tour of the company.
Du­ring my stay, I had many dif­fe­rent tasks.
Among them was ta­king a new in­ven­to­ry of the warehouse, crea­ting a vir­tu­al net­work in the Cis­co Pa­cket Tra­cer and lear­ning Power­Shell. On top of that I got
tasks in Power­Shell, such as clea­ring the teams cache. In
the last week I had to give a pre­sen­ta­ti­on that I had pre­pared beforehand.
Then I had to give this pre­sen­ta­ti­on in front of trai­ners and staff.
Of cour­se, I also vi­si­ted the beau­tiful city of Mu­nich. In Munich
I went shop­ping and saw the Frau­en­kir­che from the outside.
All in all, I re­al­ly en­joy­ed my time in Is­ma­ning and would like to go the­re again.

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