Social Media Team

Our tasks

Ma­na­ge the trai­nee blog

Plan, wri­te and im­pro­ve new and cur­rent posts

Keep edi­to­ri­al sche­du­le whe­re posts, ide­as and ch­an­ges are planned

Plan and post ad­ver­ti­sing for trade shows and up­co­ming events

Hel­lo everyone!
We as the social media
team plan the posts of our web­site and espe­ci­al­ly on the
Trai­nee­blog to keep you guys up to date. We also try to
con­stant­ly im­pro­ve our blog and al­ways come up with new ideas.
ide­as. Th­rough us, you will re­gu­lar­ly get an in­sight into the trai­nee and
stu­dent life at TecAlliance.

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