WM fair in Munich

The „WM fair“ for work­shops took place in Mu­nich from 18th to 20th of Oc­to­ber. TecAlliance was also re­pre­sen­ted to meet cus­to­mers and ac­qui­re new cus­to­mers. Ay­ten and I had the op­por­tu­ni­ty to help our sa­les col­leagues du­ring this fair.
On Thurs­day I dro­ve with a sa­les col­league to our lo­ca­ti­on in Is­ma­ning. Af­ter lunch we dro­ve to the fair in Mu­nich to check out if ever­ything is set up and we also un­load some things we nee­ded for the fol­lowing days. Af­ter the check-in at the ho­tel I met the two sa­les­men at a re­stau­rant to have din­ner together.
On the next day a sa­les col­league show­ed the tasks I will have the next days. I pre­pa­red bags with our In­for­ma­ti­on Ma­te­ri­al and some gi­vea­ways. Two times a day the­re was a pre­sen­ta­ti­on about the soft­ware work­shops can use and I han­ded out some more In­for­ma­ti­on ma­te­ri­al to the audience.
On Fri­day evening Ay­ten met us at the fair af­ter her lec­tu­re at DHBW en­ded. In the evening Ay­ten and I took the op­por­tu­ni­ty to vi­sit Mu­nich. We made a short stop at the “Hof­bräu­haus” and af­ter that we de­ci­ded for Bur­ger at “Hans im Glück”.
On Sa­tur­day and Sunday we both could pre­pa­re more In­for­ma­ti­on Ma­te­ri­al. Of cour­se we also could see all the ex­hi­bi­tors at the fair. All in all it was very in­te­res­ting! We could gain an in­sight into the tasks of the sa­les re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ves at tra­de fairs. We lear­ned more about our pro­ducts and com­pe­ti­tors, too. The wee­kend was de­fi­ni­te­ly a lot of fun!
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