Training fair in Weikersheim

On Fri­day, 29.03. Vik­to­ria, Paul and Sven vi­si­ted the training fair in Wei­kers­heim and on the fol­lowing Sa­tur­day, 30.03. the TecAlliance was re­pre­sen­ted the­re by Chris, Anna-Lena and Kers­tin. On the first day all schools in the vicini­ty of Wei­kers­heim vi­si­ted our stand with their pu­pils and in­for­med them­sel­ves about the TecAlliance and our training and stu­dy offers. 

On the se­cond day, ever­yo­ne who wan­ted to find out more about training or stu­dy­ing with their par­ents could come again. The new cour­se of stu­dies “Busi­ness Ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on – Di­gi­tal Busi­ness Ma­nage­ment”, which will be of­fe­red from 2019, also at­trac­ted some in­te­res­ted visitors. 

Also, at the training fair in Wei­kers­heim the Ar­ca­de stand was very well re­cei­ved by the pu­pils and the vi­si­tors were en­thu­si­astic about the trai­nees’ project.

Also, the trai­nee work­shops, which are of­fe­red for the pu­pils du­ring the ho­li­days, at­trac­ted the at­ten­ti­on of the visitors.

All in all, the training fair was a suc­cess­ful event, through which we were able to at­tract many new in­te­res­ted parties.

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