If you are loo­king for an ex­ci­ting, va­ried ap­pren­ti­ce­ship in the field of in­for­ma­ti­on tech­no­lo­gy, then you have come to the right place. With us, you will not only be working in teams du­ring your training, but you will also have many nice trai­nee col­leagues around you at your age. Our trai­nings are sui­ta­ble for both school lea­vers and tho­se who have drop­ped out of university. 

Our trai­nings

Ge­ne­ral information

Start of training 

Every 01 September.
Ca­re­er chan­ge is also pos­si­ble for stu­dents who have drop­ped out. 


3 ye­ars, can be shor­ten­ed to 2.5 years
For drop-outs can also be shor­ten­ed to 2 years 

Ge­ne­ral conditions 

Working time: 40 hours/week
Va­ca­ti­on: 30 days/year

Vo­ca­tio­nal school 

Kla­ra-Op­pen­hei­mer-Schu­le in Würzburg 


Main lo­ca­ti­on: Weikersheim 
fur­ther lo­ca­ti­ons: Co­lo­gne, Ismaning 


Can­te­en subsidy
Fuel cards for vo­ca­tio­nal school blocks
Housing al­lo­wan­ce possible 
High chan­ces of being hired 

Con­ta­ct person

Kers­tin Lang­ohr
Group Ma­na­ger Vo­ca­tio­nal Training

Pho­ne: 07934 99299 6108



Our re­ports of pro­jects in the com­pa­ny and our joint actions

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Why TecAlliance?

The­se op­por­tu­nities have con­vin­ced us of the TecAlliance


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