Trai­nees ad­ver­ti­se Trai­nees: Com­mer­cial School with tech­ni­cal and in­for­ma­tion­tech­ni­cal grammar School Bad Mergentheim

On Wed­nes­day, the 5th of July in 2017, Tim and I (Da­vid) vi­si­ted the Com­mer­cial School with a tech­ni­cal and in­for­ma­tion­tech­ni­cal grammar School Bad Mer­gen­theim. Our aim was it to pre­sent the va­rious trai­nee pro­grams and dual stu­dy cour­ses of­fe­red by TecAlliance. In ad­di­ti­on to that, we tal­ked about the stu­dent ap­pren­ti­ce work­shops en­ab­ling a non-bin­ding mee­ting bet­ween the in­te­res­ted stu­dents and TecAlliance. Bes­i­des, they re­cei­ve in­sights into their pos­si­ble job as com­pu­ter sci­en­tist. Then, the stu­dents had the chan­ce to ask ques­ti­ons about TecAlliance and being a trai­nee at TecAlliance. Tim and I were very busy be­cau­se many stu­dents had in­te­res­ting ques­ti­ons and they wan­ted to know al­most ever­ything about our dai­ly rou­ti­ne at TecAlliance. Espe­cial­ly Tim could talk a lot about his ca­re­er at TecAlliance and the to­pics which are part of the trai­nee­ship be­cau­se he has pas­sed an ap­pren­ti­ce­ship as qua­li­fied IT spe­cia­list ap­p­li­ca­ti­on de­ve­lo­p­ment be­fo­re his stu­dies. Most of the stu­dents were im­pres­sed by this fact.

Some of our trai­nees at TecAlliance have vi­si­ted the school as well be­fo­re they star­ted their ap­pren­ti­ce­ship at TecAlliance. So, that’s why we hope for some new stu­dents of this school joi­ning our team.

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