Trai­nee ex­cur­si­on on the 1st and 2nd September

An­kunft im Tipidorf
Bo­den ist Lava
Ge­mein­sa­mes Grillen
Ka­nus auf dem Neckar
Ka­nus in der Schiffsschleuse
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On Fri­day, Sep­tem­ber 1, the new trai­nees star­ted their ca­re­er at TecAlliance. Af­ter a get-tog­e­ther and a short in­tro­duc­tion to the com­pa­ny, the en­t­i­re trai­nee team dro­ve to a te­pee vil­la­ge near Ne­ckar­ger­ach. The­re, an ac­tion-pa­cked pro­gram like Bub­ble Soc­cer awai­ted ever­yo­ne. You play foot­ball nor­mal­ly, but every play­er is pro­tec­ted by a big ball of air and plastic. Col­li­si­ons are of cour­se in­ten­ded and a good op­por­tu­ni­ty to gain an ad­van­ta­ge. We play­ed not only foot­ball but also a few more ga­mes, for ex­amp­le you have to try to knock over many peop­le as pos­si­ble. Also our girls aren’t avoid to play Bub­ble Soc­cer and the end they star­ted a small round ex­clu­si­ve with girls be­cau­se they want to re­lax a litt­le bit. This round blends a bit easy and loo­ks much less ad­ven­tur­ous as the round with only boys. Bub­ble Soc­cer was a lot of fun for ever­yo­ne and was a good chan­ce to join the trai­nee team. Af­ter the mood was a litt­le re­la­xed and the sto­machs were grow­ling, ever­yo­ne was loo­king for­ward to a bar­be­cue. The evening en­ded with a cosy campfire.

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In the morning at 7AM, ever­yo­ne craw­led out of their te­pees be­cau­se at night it be­co­mes very fresh and quick­ly ran to bre­ak­fast to thaw them­sel­ves with a warm cup of cof­fee. The bre­ak­fast blen­ded very still be­cau­se not ever­yo­ne is un­ac­cus­to­med to stand up so ear­ly on Sa­tur­day. Af­ter the last morning muf­fle saw the light of day, ever­yo­ne dro­ve by bus to the star­ting point near Bin­au am Ne­ckar and star­ted an 8‑­ki­lo­met­re-long ca­noe tour. For many of us it was a re­al­ly over­co­m­ing to sit in a ca­noe. Af­ter a few hund­ret me­ters it would be bet­ter and every team have found the per­fect team­play. Du­ring this tour, the­re was a small com­pe­ti­ti­on bet­ween the in­di­vi­du­al ca­noes, in which the three best teams re­cei­ved a small pri­ze af­ter the tour. In the heat of batt­le du­ring a race bet­ween the ca­noes, a ca­noe cap­si­zed. This me­ant that not all trai­nees reached the fi­nish line dry, but of cour­se no one was lost. Ac­cord­ing to the mot­to “One Team”, ever­yo­ne wai­ted un­til the cap­si­zed ca­noe stood up­right on the Ne­ckar again and the trip was con­ti­nued tog­e­ther. It is also worth men­tio­ning that all ca­noes on the Ne­ckar had to pass through a ship lock. Ex­haus­ted but hap­py, ever­yo­ne re­tur­ned to TecAlliance on Sa­tur­day af­ter­noon af­ter a litt­le re­fresh­ment. By the re­turn jour­ney it was very still be­cau­se ver­yo­ne has slee­ping and a few me­ters be­fo­re we reached the com­pa­ny all were wa­ked up through our col­league Stef­fen with a friend­ly an­noun­ce­ment. Stef­fen was re­spon­si­ble for the pla­ning of our journey.

All in all, it was a very nice trip, which was a lot of fun for ever­yo­ne and brought the trai­nee team clo­ser tog­e­ther. Na­tu­ral­ly we have seen all trai­nees which we don’t see ever­y­day or get to know the new trai­nees better.

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