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The mid-term break has pas­sed so fast. Du­ring our two week va­ca­ti­ons, we tra­vel­led to dif­fe­rent pla­ces in Viet­nam. First of all, we made a boat trip in Ha­long Bay. It con­sis­ted of a won­der­ful ca­noe tour in a bay and a bicy­cle tour in a litt­le vil­la­ge. Du­ring our night on the boat, the­re has been a ty­pho­on which cau­sed a short power break­down.

Af­ter that, we hik­ed in rice fiel­ds in Sa Pa. But it was more like clim­bing than hi­king be­cau­se it was re­al­ly mud­dy. For­tu­n­a­te­ly, the in­ha­bi­tants hel­ped us slip­ping down va­rious hills and cros­sing wa­ter­falls.

Then, we went to Ha­noi: We spent our evenings on the va­rious night mar­kets whe­re you can main­ly buy litt­le snacks and faked clothes. Apart from that, we also tried the fa­mous and de­li­cious Viet­na­me­se coco­nut cof­fee.

The next days, we spent on the is­land Phu Quoc. The­re, we re­la­xed be­fo­re we took a flight to Ho Chi Minh City. We vi­si­ted a pink church and also some night mar­kets.

Af­ter the­se won­der­ful two weeks, we had to go to uni­ver­si­ty again. The uni­ver­si­ty gai­ned on us very quick­ly be­cau­se we had to work on our ICAs du­ring the mid-term break as well. But the­re are only few ICAs to go! Apart from that, we soon have to stu­dy for our ex­ams in Au­gust. I have to pass four ex­ams: Con­su­mer Be­ha­viour, Cor­po­ra­te Fi­nan­ce, Hu­man Re­sour­ce Ma­nage­ment & Prac­ti­ces and In­ter­na­tio­nal Fi­nan­ce & Tre­a­su­ry.

We do not only tra­vel to other coun­tries but we also ex­plo­re Sin­g­a­po­re. We par­ti­ci­pa­ted in a Night Sa­fa­ri in Sin­g­a­po­re Zoo. It star­ted with a ani­mal show and then, we ex­plo­red the Zoo by train in the night. We saw for ex­amp­le ele­phants, ti­gers and li­ons.

Ano­t­her day, we have spent in Uni­ver­sal Stu­di­os. The amu­se­ment park has dif­fe­rent the­me parks which all de­pict mo­vies like for ex­amp­le Shrek, Ma­da­gas­car or Ju­ras­sic Park. The rol­ler­coas­ters fol­lo­wed the mo­vie the­mes as well.

Last wee­kend, we tra­vel­led to Hong Kong. Its sky­line is not only ama­zing by day but also by night. We en­joy­ed the sky­line on the Vic­to­ria Peak and on the Lion’s Rock Peak.

The se­mes­ter ab­road pas­sed re­al­ly fast by now and the­re are only 1 ½ mon­ths left in Sin­g­a­po­re. The­re­fo­re, I will wri­te about the ex­ams and my re­turn to Ger­ma­ny in the next ar­ti­cle.

See you!

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