The goal was achie­ved

It see­med yes­ter­day that I pa­cked my bag­ga­ge hea­ding for Ger­ma­ny lea­ving my de­epest af­fec­tions at home. Mi­xed emo­ti­ons were in my heart ran­ging from ex­ci­te­ment, be­cau­se I was go­ing to live alo­ne in­de­pendent­ly ab­road, but also ner­vous­ness be­cau­se I was go­ing to stu­dy and work in a for­eign lan­guage. In­de­ed, new chal­len­ges im­me­dia­te­ly emer­ged due to the lin­gu­is­tic bar­ri­ers, but also due to the cul­tu­ral shocks and the new rou­ti­ne. As an examp­le, the full day les­sons at the Coope­ra­ti­ve Sta­te Uni­ver­si­ty Mos­bach loo­ked un­be­ara­ble and ne­ver-en­ding. Even the clo­sed shops on Sunday were a weird idea for me sin­ce ever­ything is open on that day in Ita­ly. Luck­i­ly, time and the sup­port of the col­leagues of TecAlliance hel­ped me ad­ap­ting to the new life. Above all, I learnt that you must ne­ver be afraid of as­king if you have not un­ders­tood so­me­thing. If you ask for help, help will be gi­ven at any time, but you should not ex­pect that help co­mes alo­ne. Now, af­ter three long ye­ars, the end of the dual stu­dy has al­most ap­proa­ched. Alt­hough home sick­ness is still pre­sent so­me­ti­mes, I can af­firm that stu­dy­ing with TecAlliance has been the best de­cisi­on which I could ever make. A heart­ful thank you goes es­pe­ci­al­ly to our Group Ma­na­ger Vo­ca­tio­nal Training Kers­tin who has sup­por­ted me with much pa­ti­ence and ca­red about my pro­fes­sio­nal growth.

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