TecAlliance among the best Com­pa­nies in the Ca­pi­tal sppren­ti­ce­ship study

A small hint on one’s own be­half – TecAlliance has lan­ded among the top com­pa­nies in a Ca­pi­tal stu­dy that is loo­king for the best com­pa­nies for training or dual studies.

Fur­ther in­for­ma­ti­on on the stu­dy can be found at https://www.capital.de/allgemein/besteausbilderdeutschlands-234-top-ausbildungsunternehmen

Small ad­di­ti­on: In or­der to find TecAlliance in the ta­ble of the stu­dy you have to se­arch for “Tec Alliance”.

We are of cour­se very hap­py about this success.

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