tax coa­ching at the DHBW from our stu­dent Mar­cel Tschillaev

busi­ness school, tax of­fi­cial, … idus­tri­al en­gi­nee­ring and management.
With this in­tro­duc­tion, the next few li­nes will hope­ful­ly be­co­me more understandable!

The re­gu­lar con­ver­sa­ti­ons bet­weeen us stu­dents (of cour­se out­side of lec­tures) were of­ten about mo­ney. Who earns what amount, what be­ne­fits, etc. Of cour­se so­meo­ne HAD TO bo­ast about his “mad” tax law know­ledge while an­noun­cing that he will re­co­ver ever­ything from the sta­te and the­re­fo­re (the mom­my) di­li­gent­ly collects do­cu­ments. What most of the­se smart “tax fo­xes” did not know: – some of them do not even pay any tax. And tho­se who pay tax do not re­al­ly know the ru­les themselves.

Tech­ni­cal­ly, I have sworn off the tax of­fice, but so­mehow that su­per­fi­cial know­ledge dis­tur­bed me. But I did not want to in­ter­fe­re with their per­so­nal fi­nan­cial si­tua­ti­on eit­her. So I de­ci­ded to hold a se­mi­nar on tax law on April 11, 2017 in the DHBW Bad Mergentheim
“In­co­me tax 1x1 and tips for dual stu­dents”, was the name gi­ven to my se­mi­nar by the lo­cal cour­se director.

The re­spon­se was sur­pri­sin­gly po­si­ti­ve: Of the 4 in­iti­al­ly an­noun­ced par­ti­ci­pants 42 ap­peared. But that was no pro­blem at all. Af­ter a short small talk an ap­proach to the facts was presented:
• how the tax works,
• from which in­co­me­h­eight it is paid
• – and most im­port­ant­ly – how to get them back.

I guess in the end ever­yo­ne was sa­tis­fied. The stu­dents have lear­ned so­me­thing and I do not have to lis­ten to any “tax fo­xes” again. The only re­mai­ning ques­ti­ons is if any Trai­nees in­si­de TecAlliance need tax counseling?

Tatjana S.

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