Suc­cess­ful fi­nal writ­ten exam for Si­mon, Max and Matthias

In No­vem­ber 2017 Si­mon, Max and Mat­thi­as wro­te the fi­nal writ­ten exam of their ap­pren­ti­ce­ship in Würz­burg. At the turn of the year, the Cham­ber of In­dus­try and Com­mer­ce has an­noun­ced the re­sults and we can congra­tu­la­te all three of them on pas­sing the fi­nal exam.

All that is mis­sing for the fi­nal com­ple­ti­on of the training is the oral exam in Fe­bru­a­ry. The three of them are cur­r­ent­ly busy working on their fi­nal pre­sen­ta­ti­ons and we wish them every suc­cess in the fi­nal hurdle.

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