Som­mer in the cast­le 2018

Som­mer in the cast­le 2018

On Thurs­day, Au­gust 2, 2018, the par­ti­ci­pants of the pro­ject “Sum­mer in the Cast­le” of the DHBW Bad Mer­gen­theim vi­si­ted us. The­se are stu­dents from dif­fe­rent coun­tries, such as Ita­ly, Bul­ga­ria, Hun­ga­ry, Croa­tia, who spend four weeks at the DHBW in Bad Mer­gen­theim to get to know the dual stu­dies and the cor­re­spon­ding part­ner companies.

When the par­ti­ci­pants ar­ri­ved, they were first wel­co­med by Kers­tin and Jür­gen and then got a first in­sight into TecAlliance through a com­pa­ny pre­sen­ta­ti­on by Jür­gen Buchert. In or­der to be able to vi­sua­li­ze what had been ex­p­lai­ned, Jo­nas But­zen gave them a tour of the com­pa­ny in which they were very in­te­res­ted. Af­ter a short break, the par­ti­ci­pants were shown a vi­deo and then the va­rious cour­ses of stu­dy were pre­sen­ted by dual stu­dents and also for­mer “Sum­mer in the Cast­le” par­ti­ci­pants. Af­ter this pre­sen­ta­ti­on all open ques­ti­ons could be cla­ri­fied in a re­la­xed round and they could ex­chan­ge in­for­ma­ti­on about the dif­fe­rent cour­ses of stu­dy with our dual students.

Af­ter­wards the­re was a bar­be­cue tog­e­ther be­fo­re the “Sum­mer in the Cast­le” par­ti­ci­pants dro­ve back to the DHBW.

In sum­ma­ry, it was a very nice and in­te­res­ting af­ter­noon, which was a lot of fun for all of us. Perhaps we will be able to wel­co­me some of you next year as dual students.

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