Scrum Work­shop in Cologne

On March 27, 2017, an all-day work­shop on agi­le soft­ware de­ve­lo­p­ment – more pre­cise­ly Scrum – took place at the Co­lo­gne site. With 11 par­ti­ci­pants from dif­fe­rent de­part­ments, the work­shop was mi­xed and with Si­mon, Mat­thi­as, Pa­trick and Da­vid, 4 trai­nees were in­vol­ved. The work­shop was held by our com­pa­ny-in­ter­nal Scrum­mas­ter and had the goal to crea­te a first over­view of Scrum.

The work­shop star­ted with a pre­sen­ta­ti­on of the va­lues in the Scrum. Af­ter­wards the dif­fe­rent ro­les in the Scrum were pre­sen­ted – Pro­duct Ow­ner, Scrum Mas­ter and Team. The va­rious Scrum mee­tings were also dis­cus­sed in de­tail and, of cour­se, on esti­ma­ti­on me­thods such as Plan­ning Po­ker. The work­shop was ac­tively de­ve­lo­ped so that all par­ti­ci­pants could con­tri­bu­te. We would like to thank our Scrum­mas­ter Ni­ko­laus for the in­for­ma­ti­ve lec­tu­re and an in­sight into the agi­le soft­ware development.

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