Pro­ject the­sis 1 in the group Sa­les Controlling

The In­ter­na­tio­nal Busi­ness stu­dents have to wri­te two pro­ject the­sis du­ring their stu­dies at DHBW.
I wro­te my first pro­ject the­sis about a tur­no­ver ana­ly­sis re­gar­ding the coun­tries Ger­ma­ny, Aus­tria and Switz­er­land. First of all, I have spent a few weeks in the group Sa­les Con­trol­ling in Co­lo­gne in or­der to get an idea of my task. Af­ter that, I made the ana­ly­sis and ob­ser­ved how much tur­no­ver in which re­gi­ons the TecAlliance has. Bes­i­des, I un­der­took a few in­ter­views with the sa­les for­ce re­gar­ding their regions.
The to­pic of my first pro­ject the­sis was very in­te­res­ting be­cau­se I got an idea of the tur­no­ver in the va­rious re­gi­ons. And I was able to de­fi­ne the re­a­sons for the tur­no­ver dif­fe­ren­ces bet­ween the regions.
Af­ter I have fi­nis­hed my pro­ject the­sis, I han­ded it in at DHBW and wai­ted for the re­sult “pas­sed” or “fai­led”. Af­ter two mon­ths I re­cei­ved the mes­sa­ge that I have pas­sed the pro­ject thesis.
I am loo­king for­ward to my se­cond pro­ject thesis!

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