Pro­ject Kan­ban­board at Elpersheim

Last week we (Jana and Anna-Lena) crea­ted a Kan­ban­board tog­e­ther with Ni­ko­laus at the lo­ca­ti­on El­pers­heim. This should give an over­view of all cur­rent, known and up­co­m­ing pro­jects and the over­ri­ding stra­te­gic goals in In­for­ma­ti­on Ma­nage­ment. The Kan­ban­board is up­dated wee­kly by a mem­ber of staff from El­pers­heim in or­der to dis­play pro­ject chan­ges promptly.

At the be­gin­ning of our prac­ti­cal pha­se, Ni­ko­laus first gave us an in­sight into the to­pics of IM and show­ed us the cor­re­spon­ding wall, which was still em­pty at that time. Af­ter we had an over­view of all pro­jects, we thought about how to de­sign the 10 m² wall. We as­si­gned the in­di­vi­du­al pro­jects to their stra­te­gic goals and di­vi­ded them into their in­itia­ti­ves, epi­cs and fea­tures. In or­der to also be able to read the sta­tus of the re­spec­ti­ve ele­ment from the kan­ban board, we ad­di­tio­nal­ly struc­tu­red the in­di­vi­du­al co­lum­ns ac­cord­ing to dif­fe­rent sta­tu­ses, so that a chan­ge to the kan­ban board is quick­ly ap­pa­rent. De­s­pi­te the lar­ge wall and the as­so­cia­ted free ca­pa­ci­ty, we had dif­fi­cul­ties map­ping the lar­ge num­ber of IM pro­jects. Howe­ver, we were able to quick­ly sol­ve this pro­blem and com­ple­te the kan­ban board by using a co­lor structure.

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