Pro­gramming cour­se at the DHBW

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Af­ter 3 weeks on­boar­ding at the TecAlliance I was al­lo­wed to take part in a one week pro­gramming cour­se in Mos­bach, at the DHBW. For me it was a big help, be­cau­se I star­ted my stu­dies on Oc­to­ber 1st as an on­line media student.

My first day was re­la­xed, I al­rea­dy met a few fel­low stu­dents with whom I could do so­me­thing in the af­ter­noon and did­n’t feel alo­ne in the new environment.

We worked with Eclip­se, BlueJ, Java, HTML and CSS. Our lec­tu­rer in­tro­du­ced us play­ful­ly to the world of pro­gramming, with small group work. Not only did we have to pro­gram, but we also had to in­tro­du­ce our writ­ten pro­grams and ex­p­lain how we did it and why we did it the same way.

Un­for­tu­n­a­te­ly not ever­ything went smooth­ly, my WLAN in the DHBW did­n’t work for two days, but our stu­dy com­pa­n­ion worked on my lap­top for so long that he made it work again. Af­ter that I was able to work bet­ter and in­stall ever­ything we need to study.

I can now start my stu­dies wi­thout worries, be­cau­se I not only got the most im­portant ba­sics at the uni­ver­si­ty, but also in the TecAlliance, whe­re I pro­gram­med a week with C#.

I could­n’t wait to start my stu­dies on Oc­to­ber 1st to learn new and in­te­res­ting to­pics and make new friends.

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