Pre­sen­ta­ti­on about M & A

On Fri­day my col­league Yan­nik and I had the op­por­tu­ni­ty to take part on an ex­ci­ting pre­sen­ta­ti­on about M & A in the fi­nan­cial ser­vices in­dus­try in the con­text of the Cir­cle of Ex­cel­lence of the DHBW Lörrach.

We al­rea­dy tra­vel­led to Lör­rach on Fri­day af­ter­noon, as we are cur­r­ent­ly still spen­ding our prac­ti­cal pha­se at the com­pa­ny in Weikersheim.

The lec­tu­re, which took place on Fri­day evening in the pre­mi­ses of the DHBW, was held by the Ma­na­ging Chair­man of the Board of Di­rec­tors Life S. A., Lu­xem­bourg. This is a com­pa­ny that buys life insuran­ce po­li­ci­es and con­ti­nues the con­tracts in its own in­te­rest. In the lec­tu­re we got an over­view about the pos­si­bi­li­ties, how M & A busi­ness can run and which ex­pe­ri­en­ces the re­fe­ree made with the pos­si­bi­li­ties. M & A me­ans Mer­ger & Ac­qui­si­ti­ons. The­re are nu­me­rous pos­si­bi­li­ties, such as the so-cal­led Mer­ger of Equals, in which two com­pa­nies of a si­mi­lar size mer­ge and car­ry out the mer­ger as equal partners.

Fol­lowing the lec­tu­re, cer­ti­fi­ca­tes of par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on were awar­ded for the 2018 fi­nal year of the Cir­cle of Ex­cel­lence. The­reu­pon, we had the op­por­tu­ni­ty to get to know each other and to ex­chan­ge ide­as about the lecture.

Af­ter a short ex­plo­ra­ti­on of Lör­rach we stay­ed over­night in a ho­tel and left the next morning.

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