Our trai­nee team will grow on Friday

This Fri­day it will hap­pen again – our trai­nee team will con­ti­nue to grow. This time we will grow by 17 ju­ni­or em­ployees. The en­t­i­re trai­nee team will go on a two-day trip right on Fri­day with the in­ten­ti­on to get to know the new trai­nees and to cul­ti­va­te old con­ta­cts. Du­ring the next week, the new trai­nees will have their in­tro­duc­tion week, whe­re they are go­ing to learn ever­ything about working at the TecAlliance. So stay tu­n­ed for new blog posts next week.

We wish all new trai­nees a good start in advance !

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