Night of Apprenticeship

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Beim Bob­by­car­ren­nen | At the Bob­by­car race
Beim Bob­by­car­ren­nen | At the Bob­by­car race
Un­ser Mes­se­stand | Our stand at the fair
Un­ser selbst ge­bau­ter Ar­ca­de-Stand | Our self-built ar­car­de stand
Un­ser Mes­se­stand auf dem Markt­platz | Our stand at the mar­ket place
Un­ser Mes­se­team | Our team for the fair
Ein selbst­ge­bau­tes Auto aus Me­tall­plat­ten | An self-built car with me­tal plates
Un­ser Mes­se­team | Our team for the fair
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On Thurs­day, we par­ti­ci­pa­ted in “Night of Ap­pren­ti­ce­ship” in Bad Mergentheim.

Night of Ap­pren­ti­ce­ship” is a spe­cial kind of a training fair:
It ta­kes place from 5pm to 10pm and not in the morning as usual.
Apart from that, the vi­si­tors can­not only gather in­for­ma­ti­on about an ap­pren­ti­ce­ship or dual stu­dies at the ex­hi­bi­ti­on stand but they can also vi­sit dif­fe­rent com­pa­nies near the DHBW by bus.
Fur­ther­mo­re, the vi­si­tors could en­joy de­li­cious fin­ger-food and cocktails.

Our ex­hi­bi­ti­on stand was in the DHBW in Bad Mergentheim.
At our ex­hi­bi­ti­on stand, the vi­si­tors could not only re­cei­ve in­for­ma­ti­on about the ap­pren­ti­ce­ship and dual stu­dies at TecAlliance. They could also par­ti­ci­pa­te in va­rious ac­ti­vi­ties like a bob­by car-race, a game at our self-made ar­ca­de stand, a game with VR-glas­ses and buil­ding a car out of me­tal plates.

This shows that our vi­si­tors had much fun and the­re­fo­re, we wel­co­med many in­te­res­ted peop­le at our ex­hi­bi­ti­on stand.
For us, “Night of Ap­pren­ti­ce­ship” was a suc­cess­ful event in which ever­yo­ne had gre­at fun!

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