News­pa­per ar­ti­cle about the start of the new Trainees

On Sa­tur­day, the wee­kly lo­cal news­pa­per Blick­Lo­kal pu­blis­hed an ar­ti­cle about the start of the new trai­nees and the training op­por­tu­nities of­fe­red by the TecAlliance. As an in­ha­bi­tant of the Tau­ber Val­ley, you re­cei­ve the news­pa­per once a week.

En­c­lo­sed you will find our ar­ti­cle! (This ar­ti­cle is only avail­ab­le in German)

Al­ter­na­tively the ar­ti­cle can be ac­ces­sed via the fol­lowing link:

Zeitungsartikel zum Start der neuen Trainees
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