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Hi the­re,

af­ter ap­prox. 2 mon­ths of stu­dy­ing ab­road at the Ore­gon Sta­te Uni­ver­si­ty in Cor­val­lis I would like to give you a short update.

When I star­ted my se­mes­ter ab­road 2 Mon­th ago, I didn’t re­al­ly know what to ex­pect and how my life will chan­ge. But I have to say I’ve only had po­si­ti­ve ex­pe­ri­en­ces so far! I like it a lot. You get used to ever­ything so in­credi­b­ly quick­ly and I can’t re­al­ly ima­gi­ne that it will soon be over!

In my first up­date for the se­mes­ter ab­road I al­rea­dy de­scri­bed that the uni­ver­si­ty is huge and has a lot to of­fer so it ne­ver gets bo­ring here!

But ex­cept of all the pos­si­ble leisu­re ac­ti­vi­ties that are pos­si­ble at Ore­gon Sta­te, the workload of the lec­tures should not be underestimated.

You al­ways have to do so­me­thing, whe­ther stu­dy­ing for a mid­term, pre­pa­ring a group pre­sen­ta­ti­on or do­ing gra­ded ho­me­work. This sys­tem dif­fers a lot from the DHBW, but I will only have two fi­nal ex­ams, which makes the end of the term a bit more relaxed.

De­s­pi­te the stress­ful uni­ver­si­ty life I spend a lot time with the peop­le from my dorm. The dor­mi­to­ry is spe­cial­ly de­si­gned for in­ter­na­tio­nal stu­dents, so you live tog­e­ther with many dif­fe­rent na­ti­ons. I’m very glad that I made the de­cisi­on to move to this dorm be­cau­se I’ve had so many gre­at mo­ments here and made so many new friends.

We most­ly used the wee­kends to tra­vel around. We were cam­ping and hi­king at the Smith Rock Sta­te Park. The hike was very ex­haus­ting (12 km) but the view from abo­ve was just breathtaking!

We vi­si­ted Se­at­tle for a wee­kend and used Me­mo­ri­al Day to vi­sit Los An­ge­les. I’ll send you some pic­tures of our trips. It was de­fi­ni­te­ly a lot of fun!

Un­for­tu­n­a­te­ly, the­re is no foot­ball sea­son at the mo­ment, but we had the op­por­tu­ni­ty to watch a spring game of the Ore­gon Sta­te foot­ball team. Even though I still don’t un­der­stand the ru­les, it was fun to watch. You can de­fi­ni­te­ly tell that the stu­dents are very proud of their foot­ball team and the uni­ver­si­ty in ge­ne­ral. Al­most ever­y­bo­dy wears “Bea­ver” (mas­cot of the uni­ver­si­ty) or OSU clothes.

Also, the wea­ther has im­pro­ved a lot! At the be­gin­ning it rai­ned al­most every day and it was not very warm. Now it gets war­mer and war­mer and it only rains now and then. We of­ten use the nice wea­ther to do bar­be­cue or play volleyball.

Ge­ne­ral­ly spea­king I am so hap­py that I made the de­cisi­on to do a se­mes­ter ab­road. It’s just fun to meet new peop­le and do a lot of things together!

I’m also loo­king for­ward to my West Coast trip af­ter the term. If an­yo­ne has any tips for the round trip, plea­se let me know. 

Many gree­tings from Corvallis


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