My vi­sit at TecAlliance Cologne

My theo­re­ti­cal pha­se at the DHBW Mos­bach is over and the last ex­ams of the se­cond se­mes­ter of the stu­dy cour­se Busi­ness In­for­ma­tics have been writ­ten.  Sin­ce I am al­lo­wed to be­co­me pro­duc­ti­ve in the com­pa­ny again, I am hap­py to get to know my col­leagues and our lo­ca­ti­on in Cologne. 

Thanks to the com­pa­ny car which was made avail­ab­le to us – me, Adri­an and my fel­low stu­dent Ste­fan – for the ar­ri­val and de­par­tu­re, we had a re­la­xed trip to Co­lo­gne which was also free of traf­fic jams. 

Af­ter my ar­ri­val in Co­lo­gne, I was warm­ly wel­co­med into the Mar­ke­ting & Sa­les de­part­ment, whe­re I will wri­te my first pro­ject work. Sa­bi­ne Sei­de first show­ed me the buil­ding in which all the im­portant rooms and fa­ci­li­ties are lo­ca­ted and who my im­portant con­ta­cts are. 

The fol­lowing days I spent main­ly to get an idea of how the SDL World­ser­ver works and how the TecAlliance works with it. The World­ser­ver will trans­la­te the in­ter­face texts of our so­lu­ti­ons into several lan­guages. In ad­di­ti­on, ano­t­her main fo­cus was to for­mu­la­te my pro­ject proposal. 

Af­ter work I wan­ted to get to know the city a litt­le tog­e­ther with Ste­fan, who was also al­lo­wed to tra­vel to Co­lo­gne for the first time. So we de­ci­ded to vi­sit the ca­the­dral and the city cent­re and have a look around. 

Sin­ce Thurs­day was a ho­li­day and Fri­day a bridge day, we left on Wed­nes­day af­ter­noon. The fol­lowing Mon­day I was al­lo­wed to go with Nad­ja W., The­re­sa and Yan­nik to Co­lo­gne again. 

Also with them I spent some be­au­ti­ful days and we went in the evening af­ter work every now and then into the city, in or­der to eat still qui­te com­for­ta­b­ly so­me­thing and to re­lax something. 

In sum­ma­ry, I am hap­py to have had this ex­pe­ri­ence and would like to thank ever­yo­ne who sup­por­ted me du­ring this time. 

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