Move to Ed­mund-Rump­ler-Street 5 Part 2

We have the 15.10. And fi­nal­ly, af­ter many sto­ries and pic­tures of the new lo­ca­ti­on, I stand di­rect­ly in front of its ent­ran­ce door. A col­league, who dis­co­ve­r­ed me by chan­ce on the way to the buil­ding, gi­ves me the first im­portant in­for­ma­ti­on, such as fol­low the ar­rows, then you find your new seat.

The de­part­ment is not dif­fi­cult to find. On the way the­re I no­ti­ced that a lot of things are un­for­tu­n­a­te­ly not fi­nis­hed yet. But what is fi­nis­hed im­pres­ses in the first mo­ment: Lar­ger, bright, clean and abo­ve all em­pty rooms (at least in the morning short­ly af­ter 7am). Col­leagues who ar­ri­ved a litt­le ear­lier at the new lo­ca­ti­on first show­ed me the “most im­portant thing for sur­vi­val”, an al­rea­dy working cof­fee ma­chi­ne! Streng­t­he­ned with a cup of tea in my hand, the usu­al work al­rea­dy starts.

With time, the open-plan of­fice fills up. Now it gets a litt­le lou­der de­s­pi­te sound-ab­sor­bing mea­su­res. But now you also get to know some col­leagues who you didn’t re­al­ly see at the old lo­ca­ti­on. Short­ly af­ter 11 o’clock the­re is a small gui­ded tour through the house. Du­ring this tour I rea­li­ze once again how big and part­ly em­pty ever­ything seems. But also, what isn’t fi­nis­hed yet.

For lunch I tes­ted the new can­te­en with col­leagues. Re­sult: For a can­te­en the food is re­al­ly not bad.

The rest of the day went off as usu­al, even if ever­ything around you still seems unusual.

Af­ter the day I have to say that the sto­ries are true, the­re is still a big­ger con­struc­tion site here. But at the work­pla­ces of my col­leagues and me, ever­ything is fi­nis­hed as far as pos­si­ble and if you know whe­re ever­ything is (drinks, toi­let, etc.) and how ever­ything works (lights, shut­ters, etc.) then working here is re­al­ly fun. I and pro­bab­ly also my col­leagues are cu­rious how ever­ything will be here. Espe­cial­ly the de­part­ment here is very eager to see the ad­ja­cent kit­chen finished 😉

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