I star­ted my ap­pren­ti­ce­ship at TecAlliance on 24.09.2015 and suc­cess­ful­ly com­ple­ted it on 07.02.2018. At the end of the ap­pren­ti­ce­ship I thought about whe­re I could be em­ploy­ed af­ter the ap­pren­ti­ce­ship tog­e­ther with Kers­tin. In the job ad­ver­ti­se­ments of the com­pa­ny the­re was a va­can­cy at that time, which I lik­ed very much. So I ap­p­lied for this po­si­ti­on and was ac­cep­ted. I have been Ju­ni­or So­lu­ti­on Ma­na­ger at TecAlliance sin­ce 08.02.2018. It is a huge pri­vi­le­ge for me to work here in the com­pa­ny. It is clear to me that not every com­pa­ny ta­kes on trai­nees. My day-to-day busi­ness has chan­ged a lot with the new po­si­ti­on. Every day is dif­fe­rent. The­re are al­ways new pro­blems and tasks that have to be sol­ved as ef­fi­ci­ent­ly as pos­si­ble. So the gre­at lear­ning only be­gan af­ter the training. Alt­hough I had al­rea­dy got to know Scrum du­ring my training, what exact­ly are the tasks of a pro­duct ow­ner again? My first big project/product that I su­per­vi­sed was the data sup­plier eva­lua­ti­on. Here, new con­tent points were de­fi­ned which now had to be im­ple­men­ted. I took care of the gra­phi­cal con­ver­si­on and was avail­ab­le as a con­ta­ct per­son for the de­ve­lo­pers. Next up is a pro­ject with our lo­ca­ti­on in the Ne­ther­lands. The aim is to trans­fer the dis­tri­bu­ti­on of VIO and OE data into an in­te­gra­ted TecAlliance Data Dis­tri­bu­ti­on pro­cess en­vi­ron­ment as far as pos­si­ble af­ter the ca­ta­lo­gue data and RMI in­for­ma­ti­on. The Kick-Off Mee­ting will take place on 05 De­cem­ber 2018 in Maas­tricht. I am very gra­te­ful to the com­pa­ny and my su­pe­ri­or for al­lowing me to take re­spon­si­bi­li­ty for this pro­ject and look for­ward to ta­king on even more re­spon­si­bi­li­ty in the future.

Matthias F.

Ich bin Matthias, 22 Jahre alt. Meine Ausbildung zum IT-Systemkaufmann bei der TecAlliance GmbH habe ich im September 2015 begonnen. Seit dem konnte ich viel erleben und meine Wissen in sämtlichen Teilen der IT und dem Kaufmännischen Wesen verbessern.
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