Mat­thi­as short trip to Scotland

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Whis­ky Row
Ty­pisch Großbritanien
Pis­to­le um 1620–1630
Mons Meg
Meer bei Edinburgh
Kriegs­mu­se­um Edinburgh
Full Scot­tish Breakfast
Fish and Chips
Ein­gang Edin­burgh Castle
Edin­burgh Castle
Blick auf ein Regierungsgebäude
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As the TecAlliance be­co­mes more and more in­ter­na­tio­nal and the­re­fo­re the com­mand of Eng­lish is be­co­m­ing more and more im­portant, I de­ci­ded to made a short trip to Scot­land to im­pro­ve my Eng­lish. On Thursday,the 8th of June, we went from Wee­ze air­port di­rect­ly to the ca­pi­tal of Scot­land. In Edin­burgh, my fi­an­ce and I were re­cei­ved by a friend who makes a vol­un­teer year in Scot­land. Af­ter we brought our lug­ga­ge into the High Street Hos­tel, we ex­plo­red the sur­roun­ding area. We were loo­king for a nice lo­ca­ti­on whe­re we wan­ted to have bre­ak­fast the next morning. Af­ter­wards we loo­ked for a good place whe­re we ate din­ner. In Scot­land that tap wa­ter is for free in the re­stau­rant. We found this gre­at be­cau­se you can save a litt­le mo­ney. Af­ter an ex­ten­si­ve din­ner we went to a Sain­s­bu­ry’s store to get some snacks. As the day was al­rea­dy over, it was time for the re­turn trip to the hos­tel, whe­re we quick­ly fell asleep.

The next morning we went to the pre­vious­ly selec­ted re­stau­rant. At a “Full Scot­tish Bre­ak­fast”, I gathe­red for­ces for the up­co­m­ing day. The bre­ak­fast con­sis­ted of fried eggs, ba­con, sau­sa­ge, to­ma­to, ba­ked be­ans, tat­tie (a kind of po­ta­to bread) and hag­gis (sau­sa­ge from the li­ver, he­art and lung of the sheep) with a sli­ce of toast. Now we went to ex­plo­re Edin­burgh Cast­le. Very in­te­res­ting was the war mu­se­um. Af­ter we had seen the who­le cast­le we made a stop at Sain­s­bu­ry’s whe­re you get a sand­wich, a drink and a bag of chips for £ 3.00 the so-cal­led “meal deal”. This should also be our bre­ak­fast on Sa­tur­day. As the sea loo­ked so clo­se from the cast­le, we made our way to en­joy our lunch by the sea. It quick­ly tur­ned out that it was a litt­le fur­ther away. Af­ter a felt eter­ni­ty, we fi­nal­ly ar­ri­ved and we‘re all hap­py to have so­me­thing to eat. Next stop was the Oce­an Ter­mi­nal. A shop­ping cen­ter by the sea. Here we en­joy­ed a Frap­puc­ci­no at Star­bucks. Towards evening, we took the bus back to the hos­tel whe­re we en­joy­ed a short break be­fo­re we got up to eat fish and chips. With over 30,000 steps the Fri­day was a very ac­ti­ve day. So we were re­al­ly hap­py when we fi­nal­ly fell to bed.

The Sa­tur­day did not start with bre­ak­fast, but with buy­ing sou­ve­nirs. Af­ter this we get bre­ak­fast. Soon af­ter­wards, we went to the air­port to go home. It was a very good time in Scot­land whe­re I could im­pro­ve my Eng­lish a litt­le. I would re­com­mend to an­yo­ne to go on a lan­guage trip, even if they are short.

Matthias F.

Ich bin Matthias, 22 Jahre alt. Meine Ausbildung zum IT-Systemkaufmann bei der TecAlliance GmbH habe ich im September 2015 begonnen. Seit dem konnte ich viel erleben und meine Wissen in sämtlichen Teilen der IT und dem Kaufmännischen Wesen verbessern.

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